Evidence Presentation Systems

The days of attorneys relying on painting a mental picture with (little more than words) their oral arguments are long gone. It has become common knowledge that both comprehension and retention of information is drastically increased when presented with supporting visual aid. Audio Visual technology in the courtroom has become essential for attorneys to effectively present evidence in a way that is quickly understood and easily recalled when it comes time to reach a verdict or judgement. 

In civil and criminal cases alike, evidence comes in all shapes and sizes. From 3D objects to digital documents and photos, attorneys require an evidence presentation system that is flexible enough to present any piece of evidence to help them properly make a case.

Aside from requiring the technology necessary to present any form of evidence, courtrooms have other special considerations when designing effective audio visual solutions. Evidence presentation systems must keep the judge in control of what is presented while ensuring that information is simultaneously delivered to all parties and effectively captured for the record. Courts require an audio visual integrator who has specific courtroom experience and understands all of these unique needs.

20+ Years of Experience

With over two decades of experience designing, installing and supporting courtroom audio visual solutions, we have developed a thorough understanding of the technology required by courts. Combine this expertise with our unique all-in-one approach to providing AV systems and Nomad is the easy choice for creating or upgrading high-tech courtrooms in your facility.

Reliable & Easy to Use

For Court proceedings to run smoothly and efficiently, it is crucial that the courtroom’s evidence presentation system being used to present evidence performs as expected every time and is easy for anyone to use with little to no training.

Nomad’s approach to AV integration and design of evidence presentation systems offers consistent reliability and an established interface that has proven to be easy for anyone to use.

Sharing Technology Between Courtrooms

In some cases, it is more practical for a courthouse to share AV equipment between courtrooms. With a variety of mobile models available, a single Nomad system can easily support multiple courtrooms. Since our evidence presentation systems are housed in one piece of mobile AV furniture, the entire audio visual system is easily moved from one courtroom to another.

Installs in One Day

Courtrooms are busy places. It can be extremely difficult or impractical to put a courtroom out of commission for days or even weeks as courtroom technology is being installed. Nomad installations occur in one day per room since we provide a pre-wired, fully integrated system that is ready to plug and play.

Courtroom Technology Options

In addition to the many options that are available for integration into any Nomad AV system, we have also put together a list of options that are specifically intended to meet the unique requirements of a courtroom. Some of these courtroom-specific options include:

  • Judge Override
  • Advanced Zone Control
  • Witness Annotation
  • Screen Capture
  • Video Conference 
  • Consulting Service
  • Pivot 180 option for Nomad LT
  • Personal Viewing Monitors
  • Judge’s Monitor
  • Jury Monitor(s)
  • Witness Monitor
  • Attorney Table Monitors
  • Other Personal Monitors

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“It is easy to use, even for the technologically impaired. I’m convinced that the use of these systems enhances the jury’s ability to understand the evidence more clearly as it is being presented.”

Judge at
Orange County Superior Court of California





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