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I have had one of the Nomad Evidence Presentation Systems in my courtroom since they were first deployed. It has been used in practically every trial since it was available. I have had zero complaints from lawyers, and many accolades. It is easy to use, even for the technologically impaired. I’m convinced that the use of these systems enhances the jury’s ability to understand the evidence more clearly as it is being presented.

Judge at Orange County Superior Court of California – Santa Ana, CA

Since installation, we’ve come to rely heavily on our Nomads – they are everything you need when and where you need it.

We’re constantly receiving compliments on the how ‘user-friendly’ the units are, the quality of the individual components, and especially the Bose sound system. Having the Nomads has streamlined our process of meeting an individual’s presenter’s audio/visual requirements. Not only are the Nomads reliable, but they have been proven to be quite durable.

Naval Chaplaincy School & Center – Fort Jackson, SC

The Presentation System went through not one but two major trials back to back. Everything in the first trial relied on the audio and powerpoint. The System’s performance was exceptional. Our Nomad system was used in the second trial to present videos, audio, evidence, numerous PowerPoints and custom animation. I created all this in front of a jury. The trial verdicts we sought were successfully achieved with the help of the Nomad Presentation System

I want to express my appreciation to your entire staff for your professionalism and all the help you gave us for our System.

Computer Operations Specialist at Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office – Norristown, PA

The Nomad is so easy to use that I was able to learn how to use it in a few minutes.

The calls for IT assistance in the classrooms have practically disappeared.

Our faculty are adding more AV content to their lectures because the Nomad system is so easy to use.

We love the flexibility the Nomad gives us to deliver presentations that incorporate different elements and materials such as going to multiple internet sites, viewing short video clips, and displaying paper articles. It’s nice to easily present the things we want to through one system. It makes preparing for a lecture so much easier.

IT Coordinator & Computer Technician at City College of New York

Several years ago,our college was looking for a classroom audio visual system that was easy to use, compact, and reliable. We purchased two Nomad Systems and realized after the first two weeks that they were exactly what we had been looking for. We now have 14 Nomad Systems in operation at our college and the rooms in which they are installed are the most requested classrooms by our instructors. These Presentation Systems have become the standard by which all other classroom audio visual systems are measured at North Arkansas College.

Information Technology Instructor at North Arkansas College – Harrison, AR

We share 15 Evidence Presentation Systems between 35 trial courtrooms. The systems are used in trial daily. We like the Turnkey design of the system because having all the components in one solution is very convenient. The System is visually pleasing and looks like it belongs in a courtroom.

Chief Information Officer at Orange County Superior Court of California

We really like our Evidence Presentation Systems and are using them almost weekly. The attorneys like that they are easy to use, reliable and focus the evidence for the jury in a very positive manner. They are being moved from courtroom to courtroom about twice a day to accommodate the need.

Court Technology Officer at 4th Judicial Circuit of Florida – Duvall County, Jacksonville, FL

The Nomad Evidence Presentation System is a good fit for our court because it is mobile and self-contained with everything we need. The Nomad is so easy to use! We use it for court case hearings and judges' presentations inside a courtroom. The judges like using the Judge Preview and Judge Override options in our systems because it gives them control if they feel they need to pause, or prevent a piece of evidence from being displayed. Each judge has their own way of running their courtroom. For instance, one judge may feel comfortable in allowing the litigants to run the Nomad system, while other judges want to maintain full control of the Nomad.

Information Technology Director at 19th Judicial Circuit Court – Waukegan, IL

Nomad Technologies is a leader in innovative technology. Our faculty, staff & students relay that the Nomad Multimedia System is very user friendly and widely used! We appreciate your offer to provide over-the-phone training sessions.

Technology Specialist at University of Southern Mississippi – Long Beach, MS

We are pleased with the systems and the support you provide. If every technology Pfeiffer used was as reliable and user-friendly as the Nomad podiums and had the level of professional support that you guys provide, things would be much less stressful in IT. I would put one of your presentation systems in every classroom if I could!

IT Professional at Pfeiffer University – Misenheimer, NC

We own more than 60 Nomad Presentation Systems and like that they are pre-engineered, pre-manufactured and turnkey systems. The alternative to that, which we struggled with for years, was custom designed one-of-a kind systems. When we did projects and they went out to public bid, the low bidder would win. The reason this created a problem for us was because every time we’d release a new bid for another project, we’d receive a custom designed system with custom parts built by a different integrator. This meant that there were differently designed and built AV systems in different rooms. The professors would be frustrated that the type of system they were working on in one room, was totally different in operation from the idiosyncrasies of a different type of audiovisual system in another room. This made training professors difficult because there was no standardization on systems. In contrast, we could easily standardize on the various models of Nomad Technologies’ Presentation Systems because they are pre-engineered, pre-manufactured and turnkey systems. This makes training our staff so much easier.

Associate Vice Chancellor at University of Illinois – Chicago

So far, we’re loving the Nomad Systems! We have a few instructors who have requested classes in those rooms so they can use the podiums, but I told them, “Go write your own grant if you want the awesome equipment!

Assistant Professor at Fletcher Technical Community College – Houma, LA

After viewing a demonstration our IT committee members were sold on the units. Our district bought five units and our faculty is very pleased with them. The units are very easy to use. Also, after the demonstration our College President decided to purchase one unit for his administrative conference room.

IT Professional at Pfeiffer University – Misenheimer, NC aEducation Professor at El Paso Community College – El Paso, TX

I felt your company was really good to work with, prompt with answers to all our questions and followed through on the overall installation. The unit came really well packed and totally ready to roll.

I can thoroughly recommend the unit we purchased to others. We have had the unit for over a year and I and the library staff are totally satisfied with it. The faculty and students are all very pleased with its ease of use and performance.

I feel the Nomad Podium System installed in our Meeting Room is well built; has superior finishing; the individual components are exemplary and the total system is well thought out and installed extremely well. There are great instructions which are easy to understand by the faculty who may have little knowledge of systems but just want the system to work with ease. The internal wiring and exterior connections are just outstanding.

Reference Librarian at Hampton University – Hampton, VA

The Nomad unit has been a crucial tool in assisting me and the Narcotics Task Force to obtain convictions against felons, including drug dealers, murderers and child molesters.

Judge at Washington County Maryland Narcotics Task Force – Hagerstown, MD

Again, thanks to everyone for helping me out on such short notice. It is not often that a vendor offers the excellent service that I've always received from Nomad.

Clerk of Court for District Court for the District of Alaska – Anchorage, AK

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