Nomad LT

Digital AV Podium

The Nomad LT is the second generation of lectern-style furniture from Nomad AV Systems. Designed to address the shortcomings of its predecessor, the Nomad PD, the LT was originally created in response to the industry shift from 4:3 to 16:9 aspect ratios and the demand for high-definition video output. The years of customer feedback and attention to detail that guided our engineering helped us incorporate a host of user-centric features that quickly made the Nomad LT our flagship AV system.

Along with all of the great benefits that come from our unique approach to AV design and integration, this AV podium offers some unique features of its own. 

Fully Retractable/Compact

The efficient use of space in the proprietary design of the Nomad LT furniture allows a minimal footprint for the AV podium while being fully retractable to save space when certain features are not in use.

Face Forward Presentations

By nature, AV podiums promote face-forward presentations. However, the convenient placement of a built-in confidence monitor allows presenters to review presented images without turning around to look at the big screen.

Ergonomic Layout

The Nomad LT AV podium was designed to place highly interactive devices, such as the control panel, in convenient locations so presenters can use them comfortably without bending or reaching.

Mobile, Fixed or Pivoting

Depending on the base style selected, the Nomad LT can stand on wheels to be shared between rooms, adjustable feet to be kept in place or a Pivot 180 to quickly re-purpose a room with multiple audiences.

Furniture Features

This proprietary AV podium was specifically engineered to integrate the select hardware used in Nomad AV Systems and is not sold separately.

Standard Configuration

The standard configuration of this AV podium includes all of the interactive, supporting and peripheral technology commonly found in a fully functional AV presentation solution. Options can be added, removed or substituted to customize this AV podium to meet your specific needs.

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