Public Address Podium
The Nomad PA is a mobile podium with microphone and speaker that was created to provide a simple solution to support the delivery of basic presentations or speeches. The PA easily turns any room, hall or foyer into the perfect venue for hosting press conferences or other public address events.

Voice Amplification

The PA provides a voice amplification system in a space where there is no other existing audio infrastructure. The microphone and speaker allow a user to keep the entire audience engaged with his/her voice.

Entry Level System

The PA is an affordable mobile podium with microphone and speaker that includes options. It was designed to meet basic public address needs. The limited functionality and flexibility of the PA is reflected in the entry level price point.

Completely Mobile

The PA creates temporary public address settings out of any ordinary space. Four sturdy wheels allow the mobile podium to be easily re-purposed or returned to storage at a moment’s notice.

Focused Audio

The speaker built into the PA directly faces the audience to provide focused audio delivery.

Lectern Features

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