Try it before you buy it

Test-drive a Nomad AV System BEFORE purchasing decisions are made.

The idea is simple: know what you are getting before you pay for it. Unfortunately, audio visual purchases are often made based on theoretical proposals. The first time you ever get to try the AV system you purchased is after it has been installed and paid for.

Thanks to our unique approach to providing AV systems, we give you the opportunity to see, touch and experience an actual Nomad System before a purchase is made. Through demonstrations you will learn what Nomad Systems are capable of and be able to properly analyze their ease-of-use and versatility.

We understand that the only way to meet or exceed your expectations is to make sure that they are accurately set in the first place.

A 30-minute online demonstration highlights features and benefits

Through our own web-based demonstration software, our knowledgeable sales staff can deliver an interactive online demonstration of a Nomad AV System. From the comfort of your own location, your team of decision makers can learn about all the features and benefits a Nomad System has to offer. This is a great way to become familiar with our all-in-one AV systems as those who have participated say it is the next best thing to seeing one in person.

An on-site demonstration provides tangible proof of benefits*

The best way to fully appreciate the capabilities of a Nomad AV System is to see one in action. Nomad representatives can bring one of our AV systems to your location so you have a chance to physically experience the technology before any purchasing decisions are made. You will have the chance to try a Nomad System for yourself in order to assess the user-interface, component quality and functionality options. After all, it is true what they say: seeing is believing.

An extended trial period allows all decision makers to evaluate the system*

In order to make sure that all of the stake holders in this important purchasing decision have a chance to experience a Nomad AV System for themselves, we may leave the system with you following an on-site demonstration. You and your team will have plenty of time to thoroughly evaluate the system. Your end users will also have the opportunity to test-drive a Nomad AV System during one of their real-world presentations. This is the ultimate Try It Before You Buy It experience.

*Reasonable prerequisites may apply 

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