Effective Presentations. Effective Government.

From influential proposals meant to challenge and improve public policy to mission-critical training sessions that ensure efficient operations, effective presentations are essential for success on all levels of government. Federal, State and Municipal entities alike suffer when the AV technology used to present important information hinders the communication between a presenter and the audience.

Nomad offers favorable discounts to government agencies to ensure that our customers in the public sector can acquire solutions that will enhance the efficiency of presentations while adhering to strict budgetary regulations. Federal and other eligible agencies are afforded further discount through our GSA contract.

20+ Years of Experience

With 100’s of successful Nomad AV installations in facilities ranging from top-secret training centers to city hall council chambers, we have developed a strong understanding of the nuances to working with government entities. We have extensive experience handling a wide range of government concerns including procurement, security and strict time constraints.

Reliable & Easy to Use

Because government operations rely on the efficient delivery of information from many different people, it is crucial that the AV technology being used for presentations performs as expected every time and is easy for anyone to use with little to no training.

Nomad’s approach to AV integration and design offers consistent reliability and an established interface that has proven to be intuitively easy to use.

Get it right the first time

Now more than ever, there is an obligation for government agencies to limit spending and eliminate the waste of taxpayer money. When AV solution proposals are merely conceptual, there is a lot of room for miscommunication that can result in unmet expectations upon completion of the project. When expectations are not met, money is wasted as expensive additions or re-dos are required.

Thanks to the tangible demonstration of Nomad AV systems, we are able to properly set expectations so you can rest assured that they will be met the first time.

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“It is easy to use, even for the technologically impaired. I’m convinced that the use of these systems enhances the jury’s ability to understand the evidence more clearly as it is being presented.”

Judge at
Orange County Superior Court of California


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