Our approach

Experience the benefits of a standard product with the flexibility of a custom solution.

At Nomad, we produce All-In-One AV presentation solutions that combine audio, video and control technologies in one centralized lectern or cart. Users are able to utilize and control a full array of multimedia equipment from one convenient location. 

A wide range of output options ensure that Nomad AV systems are compatible with other audio visual technologies, such as pre-existing audio infrastructure, video conferencing solutions and/or recording systems.

We have developed a standard set of brands and components that have all proven to be highly reliable and compatible with one another.
Aside from proven compatibility, using standard components allows for the modular assembly of pre-written control system programs that dramatically reduce cost and ensure ease of use. Consistent integration methods ensure uniform manufacturing and testing of all Nomad AV solutions.

A different approach to audio visual design and integration allows Nomad to provide some unique offerings that would otherwise be impossible in the AV industry.

How You Benefit From Our Approach

Selection of qualified options allows customization with predictable results

The concepts of standardization and customization are naturally conflicting. However, one-size-fits-all solutions are highly impractical as every audiovisual project has its own unique requirements. Just because we use a standard set of components does not mean that all Nomad systems are identical. In fact, our extensive list of qualified options allows us to meet your precise vision for a presentation system while maintaining all of the benefits that come along with standardization.
In response to industry trends and customer requests, we continually update our set of standards by qualifying components based on compatibility testing and reputation of reliability.

Proprietary furniture thoughtfully designed to be compact, appealing and user friendly

One of the hallmarks of Nomad systems is that the technology is fully contained within a proprietary podium or cart. Our four models of AV furniture were engineered to meet the physical specifications of our standard set of components rather than being generically designed to accommodate components from every brand. In designing our own furniture we are able to minimize footprint, provide for a face forward presentation and place highly interactive devices in ergonomically friendly locations.

Cost effective design process that puts You in the driver seat

Because Nomad designs presentation systems based on a set of standards, we are able to provide educational demonstrations that show you what is possible. Rather than accepting a proposal that may be overkill, you are put in the driver seat as you decide which options are necessary and which are not. Once you decide which presentation devices you require, we provide an accurate quote that includes only what you need. We can even provide detailed bid specifications, at no charge, to help guarantee that you will get what you expect.

Real-World Demonstrations allow you to see if a Nomad System meets your needs and expectations

By adhering to a set of standard components and methods, Nomad eliminates the theoretical proposal and removes the uncertainty of purchasing an audiovisual presentation system. Whether it be in person or through the use of our proprietary online application, we are able to thoroughly demonstrate the capabilities of a Nomad system. This allows you to analyze the options and decide for yourself just how easy it is to use. We firmly believe that the only way to meet or exceed expectations is to properly set them in the first place.

Consistent Integration Methods allow us to effectively support your system anywhere in the U.S

No matter how reliable the components in an audiovisual system are, there will be times when they fail. In preparation for technical problems, there needs to be a support plan in place to minimize downtime. Nomad’s standardized integration methods allow us to consistently document each individual system and provide quality phone support no matter where your facility is located. Our approach to AV also allows us to utilize a network of support technicians that can provide on-site support in any state.

24/7 Online Video User Manual that is specific to the configuration of your Nomad System

Without standardization, we never would have been able to create the revolutionary online video user manual that is provided with every Nomad system that has an active warranty plan in place. The table of contents for each Nomad system’s user manual is dynamically created to match its exact configuration. Users only see instructional video content on the components that were included in that Nomad system.

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