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With all of the responsibilities put on professors in higher education, they have enough on their plates without worrying about the presentation technology they use during a lecture. AV Systems that rarely work as anticipated and are overly complicated to use cause frustration for both lecturers and students.

When classroom audio visual systems create more problems than they solve, it is common for professors to actively avoid using them. On the other hand, if there’s confidence that the AV system will perform properly each time with little effort, an ROI will quickly be realized as the technology is effectively used day after day. 

20+ Years of Experience

For over 20 years Nomad has been providing quality, Classroom AV systems to universities across the Country. In fact, the Nomad product line originally shifted to AV Solutions under the suggestion and guidance of several local professors. By consistently working with higher education institutions, we have continued to adapt and perfect our AV systems to meet the needs of educators.

Reliable & Easy to Use

For lectures to run smoothly and efficiently, it is crucial that the classroom av system being used to present teaching materials performs as expected every time and is easy for anyone to use with little to no training.

Nomad’s approach to providing AV solutions offers consistent reliability and an established interface that has proven to be intuitively easy to use.

Flexibility in the Classroom

Planning a lecture is time consuming, the last thing instructors want to do is worry about whether or not a critical visual aid will be supported by the classroom’s audio visual system.

With different furniture designs and a wide variety of technology available, our systems are configured to provide appropriate flexibility in each classroom or lecture hall. Customizable input/output arrangements allow the classroom av system to be compatible with other educational technology such as lecture capture systems, video conferencing and/or student response devices.

Smarter Classroom. Smarter Students.

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Patrick Gaughan
Fort Lewis College

” Our faculty are adding more AV content to their lectures because the Nomad system is so easy to use. “

IT Coordinator & Computer Technician at
City College of New York





Executive Conference Rooms

Mock Courtrooms


How important is it for your campus?

It is no secret that a strategy for the standardization of technology is essential to minimizing costs, reducing the burden of support and creating an efficient work flow. Listed to the right are the key benefits of standardizing on audio visual technology campus wide.

Nomad’s unique approach to AV implementation can dramatically improve and simplify standardization efforts. To help campuses realize the benefits listed, we offer standardization incentives such as favorable quantity discounts and vendor-managed parts closets.

A Quick Study in Standardization

Matt McGlamery
Fort Lewis College 

7 Benefits of Standardization

We own more than 60 Nomad Systems and like that they are pre-engineered, pre-manufactured and turnkey systems. The alternative to that, which we struggled with for years, was custom designed one-of-a kind systems. When we did projects and they went out to public bid, the low bidder would win. The reason this created a problem for us was because every time we’d release a new bid for another project, we’d receive a custom designed system with custom parts built by a different integrator. This meant that there were differently designed and built AV systems in different rooms. The professors would be frustrated that the type of system they were working on in one room, was totally different in operation from the idiosyncrasies of a different type of audiovisual system in another room. This made training professors difficult because there was no standardization on systems. In contrast, we could easily standardize on the various models of Nomad's Systems because they are pre-engineered, pre-manufactured and turn-key systems. This makes training our staff so much easier."

University of Illinois – Chicago

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