Online Training

At Nomad AV Systems, we believe in the power of a presentation.

24/7 Online Video User Manual

After years of development, Nomad is proud to release its customized online training solution. This unique training allows users to view video content that is tailored to match the specific configuration of the Nomad AV presentation system(s) they will be using.

When a user logs in or visits a link with the serial number of the system he or she will be operating, the table of contents will be dynamically created to match its exact configuration, all other features are filtered out. Users will only see instructional video content on the components that are included in their Nomad system. Users can watch the entire training program or jump to a particular topic of interest.

This unique training solution can teach end users how to operate a specific AV System before they ever step foot in the room. Presenters are able to focus on their presentations and use the technology to its full potential.

Along with operational instruction, this training also includes important safety information and helpful tips to reduce down-time caused by user inexperience.

Nomad’s online training capability is available at no charge for all systems covered under an active warranty plan.

Trying out the Training Sample

Upon entry – Expand, collapse and select training subjects from the Table of Contents. Click on the help button within the video player for more assistance.

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