You have a vision. We have the technology to bring it to life.
Everyone has their own vision of how an AV solution should look and function. To help you meet your vision, we offer hundreds of pre-tested options that have proven to be compatible with our AV systems. These qualified options provide the design flexibility of a customized solution while maintaining the reliability of a standardized product.
Most popular option packages

These are our most requested option packages. Each option package includes:

  • The main technology needed to create the desired functionality
  • Any supporting hardware necessary to make it work with the Nomad AV System
  • Integration labor and cables
  • Control system programming
  • Videos in our online training program

Built-in PC/Mac

With a computer built into an AV system, users can quickly present information and videos from web browsers, installed applications or USB storage devices.

  • Dell USFF PC or Mac Mini\
  • Medical Grade Disinfectable Keyboard/Mouse
  • Keyboard/Mouse drawer
  • USB Extension to top of system


The annotation option allows presenters to highlight information by making digital marks over any presented image using a finger or stylus on the touch screen confidence monitor.

  • Pointmaker annotation hardware
  • Touch screen confidence monitor upgrade
  • Firm-holding tilting monitor mount upgrade


A microphone allows the presenter’s voice to be mixed with source audio and amplified through the built-in and/or peripheral sound system(s). Nomad offers both hardwired and wireless microphone options to choose from, including a gooseneck microphone, RF lavaliere microphone, RF wireless headset microphone and RF handheld microphone.

  • Gooseneck or Wireless Microphone(s)
  • Mic Mixer
  • Attenuators as necessary

Video Conferencing

Nomad’s Presentation Systems can be prepared to work seamlessly with your video conferencing equipment. Nomad can adapt to a wide variety of VTC deployments. Free phone consultation is available to assist in defining each customer’s unique needs.

Dual Confidence Monitor Upgrade

With the dual monitor upgrade, presenters can privately view the extended desktop of a built-in PC while presenting the primary display to the audience.

• Two monitors replace the 22” confidence monitor

System's Output Options

A wide variety of output options are available depending on necessary interactions with other systems (video conferencing, recording, existing audio infrastructure, etc.)

  • Additional supporting technology as necessary to split, amplify and convert AV signals

Short-Throw or Long-Throw Projector Lens

Decrease or increase the distance from the projector to the screen with a short-throw or long-throw projection lens.

Rich Media Recording Equipment

Capture and record the presenter speaking along with all the material they are presenting with rich media recording equipment. The recording is put on the internet to be viewed from any location at any time by authorized participants. Nomad’s AV systems can be fully integrated with rich media recording equipment, or can alternatively be prepared to work with a customer’s external rich media recording equipment.

Additional Output Display Devices

Depending on the physical layout of the room or the desired configuration, Nomad offers a wide variety of options for multiple displays for any application. Additional projectors, large format monitors and personal monitors are commonly used to accommodate larger audiences.

  • Necessary  flat panel monitors and or projectors
  • Additional distribution as needed
  • Additional Cat 5/6 transmission as needed
Crestron Control System Options

Crestron DMPS Upgrade

For greater brand continuity in a Nomad AV System, a Crestron DMPS can be used to consolidate several key components into one highly future-proof device.

Crestron DMPS replaces:
• Switcher/scaler
• Control processor
• Audio distribution
• Stereo powered amplifier

Advanced Power Control

Provides a master power switch through the Crestron Control System. Timed power-down, power-up events can be automatically triggered for energy savings and enhanced room preparation. This option can also be integrated with RoomViewTM.

Wireless Touch Screen Control Panel Upgrade

A wireless touch screen control panel allows the Nomad AV System from up to 250 feet away. The presenter can move freely throughout the room or pass control to an assistant.

• Wireless controller
• Wireless RF gateway

Crestron Remote Management (Fusion®)

This option provides infrastructure, programming and support for remote management of the Nomad AV systems through Crestron Fusion®. This option is required for each system that is to be Fusion® compatible. Fusion® software is not included.

Additional Touch Screen Control Panel

A secondary control panel works in concert with the mounted control panel to allow the Nomad AV System to be controlled from multiple points throughout the room.

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