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Whether it be a training session meant to improve efficiency, a sales demonstration meant to win new business or the introduction of an idea to the executive team meant to spur innovation, an effective presentation can have a profound impact on the success of your company. When AV technology fails or creates obstacles as the presenter is trying to convey critical information, great ideas can be overlooked, business can be lost and work-flow efficiency can decline.

Nomad presentation systems combine all of the devices and BYOD connections users need to leverage a wide variety of audio/visual aids that can dramatically enhance the effect their message has on an audience. A wide variety of output options make it fast and easy to integrate a Nomad system into other audio visual solutions throughout your facility.

Return on Investment

It can be difficult to determine the exact return on investments made in presentation technology. But one thing is certain; if employees actively avoid using AV technology because they don’t trust that it will work as expected or they fear losing credibility if they have trouble operating it, there is no return on the investment.

Because Nomad systems are so reliable and easy to use, a return on your investment is quickly realized as employees view the technology as a valuable asset to help close deals, pitch ideas and train staff members.

Reliable & Easy to Use

Because many different employees from any department in your company can be called upon to give important presentations, it is crucial that the AV technology being used for presentations performs as expected every time and is easy for anyone to use with little to no training.

Nomad’s approach to providing AV presentation systems offers consistent reliability and an established interface that has proven to be intuitively easy to use.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

After an up-front investment is made in any technology, there are always ongoing costs to keep the solution in proper working order and to support end-users.

Nomad systems are known for minimizing the obligations of maintenance and user training. Total cost of ownership is held in check as replacement parts are rarely required and the need to expand your IT staff is eliminated.

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“It is easy to use, even for the technologically impaired. I’m convinced that the use of these systems enhances the jury’s ability to understand the evidence more clearly as it is being presented.”

Judge at
Orange County Superior Court of California


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