Nomad cz

Digital AV Credenza

With an array of video, audio and control hardware built into a compact credenza, the Nomad CZ is the perfect solution for presentations in smaller rooms. It offers optimal sight lines, impressive ease of use and convenient storage. An all-in-one audio visual system, the CZ centrally stores and seamlessly controls the technology for presenting all types of visual aids.

The benefit of using the CZ is its ability to hold all the same hardware, and offer the same robust functionality, as our larger systems. However it is designed to be placed off to the side of a room when space is limited.

The CZ also has plenty of countertop workspace for papers and interactive AV equipment. A handy storage area, containing an outlet for charging, is available in the closed cabinet under the countertop. 

Nomad CZ

Fully Retractable/Compact

The efficient use of space in the proprietary design of the Nomad CZ furniture allows a minimal footprint for the AV credenza, while being fully retractable to save space when certain features are not in use.

Ergonomic Layout

The Nomad CZ AV credenza was designed to place highly interactive devices, such as the control panel, in convenient locations so presenters can use them comfortably without bending or reaching.

Furniture Features

This proprietary AV credenza was specifically engineered to integrate the select hardware used in Nomad AV Systems and is not sold separately.

Standard Configuration

The standard configuration of this AV credenza includes all of the interactive, supporting and peripheral technology commonly found in a fully functional AV presentation solution. Options can be added, removed or substituted to customize this AV credenza to meet your specific needs.

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