Reliable Communication. Improved Patient Outcomes.

We understand healthcare teams need accessible AV solutions to foster the exchange of information necessary to improve patient outcomes. Whether announcing an organization-wide process improvement initiative, a team meeting to coordinate care for a patient or a staff training session, our AV systems provide the communication tools healthcare professionals need to maintain excellent patient care.

Whatever the size and scope of your audio visual needs, we help your team realize their exact vision. From a permanent installation in the auditorium of a large hospital to a mobile solution that can turn any room into a presentation space, our systems come with a menu of pre-tested options to facilitate effective and engaging communication so your teams continue to remain focused on patient care.

Trusted. Reliable. Intuitive.

In healthcare settings, patient care must remain a priority. Delays often mean wasted resources so it is crucial that the AV technology performs as expected every time. Nomad’s innovative presentation systems offer trusted reliability and an established interface that has proven to be intuitively easy to use.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Delays due to technology glitches or user inexperience are exceptionally costly in healthcare settings. Because Nomad systems are so reliable and easy to use, time is not wasted waiting for a presentation. When delays are avoided, healthcare professionals can spend their valuable time caring for patients and IT resources can be better allocated to provide mission-critical technical support.

Ergonomic Design

From concept to completion, Nomad’s thoughtful approach to furniture design prioritizes proper ergonomics and comfort for the presenter. The use of a confidence monitor allows for face-forward presentation and eliminates the need to twist and turn to preview what the audience is seeing. Physical stress and strain are further reduced through proper height placement of highly interactive devices such as the document camera or control system.

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“The Nomad is so easy to use that I was able to learn how to use it in a few minutes.”

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City College of New York



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