Fully integrated audio visual systems for any type of presentation.
LT Audio Visual System

Nomad LT

With mobile, fixed and pivoting options available for the furniture, the LT is the most popular audio visual system in all industry settings. With the exception of projectors and output displays, the LT furniture houses all of the AV devices required during a presentation while providing a professional lectern for users to present from.

Nomad LT-Blue

The LT-Blue is a winning combination of Nomad engineering and Crestron’s audio visual technology. The Nomad LT-Blue is powered by primarily using high-quality Crestron components, integrated with Nomad’s emphasis on reliability and ease of use.


Built with a full array of video, audio and control hardware, the Nomad N-DESK offers an all-in-one solution in a convenient desk format. The N-DESK centrally stores and seamlessly controls all of the technology presenters need to display physical and digital visual aids in a classroom.

Nomad CZ

Nomad CZ

The benefit of using the CZ is its ability to hold all of the same hardware, and offer the same functionality as the Nomad LT. Due to its compact size it can easily be placed off to the side of a room when space is limited. Although small, the CZ gives users the functionality to present visual aids of all kinds.

Nomad PA

In rooms where multimedia presentations do not occur or are kept to a minimum, the PA is an inexpensive option for providing focused audio to ensure that speeches are clearly heard by the audience. The PA model is easily shared between rooms and effortlessly moved or stored when not in use.

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