About Us

Integrity, sincerity and strong desire to live up to our word.

At Nomad AV Systems we believe in the power of a presentation. From a truly inspiring classroom lecture to the strategic display of evidence in a courtroom, a great presentation can change lives (and maybe even the world). We understand that the most important part of any presentation is the content and we are passionate about providing audio visual solutions that allow presenters to deliver that content in the most impactful way possible.

Customer-Driven Innovation

We understand the power of customer feedback. Nomad’s entire line of AV presentation systems would not be nearly as flexible and detail oriented, or even exist for that matter, had we not taken the words of our customers and prospects to heart. 

From designing furniture to testing and certifying new AV technologies for our list of customization options, we realize that the true value of our products is in the eye of the end-user. By listening and adapting to suggestion, we will continue to enhance our product line so our customers truly benefit from using Nomad AV systems.

Good Old-Fashioned Customer Service

As a company based out of Minneapolis, MN, we pride ourselves on exemplifying the traditional Midwest values of integrity, sincerity and a strong desire to live up to our word. When you take these values and wrap them around our commitment to customer satisfaction, you get the good old-fashioned customer service that is getting harder to come by these days. 

At Nomad, we view it as an obligation to our customers to go above and beyond to provide them with products and services that not only meet their needs, but exceed their expectations. However, this “Make it Right” mentality extends beyond our products and services.

Whether it be the timely response to an inquiry, a human answering the phone to eliminate a tedious automated menu or a series of friendly follow-up calls to ensure your ongoing satisfaction, you can trust that working with Nomad will be a rewarding, enjoyable experience.

Celebrating 100 Years in Business

The first question we always get is, “how could an audiovisual company be 100 years old?” Well, we haven’t always been an audiovisual company. Our business was originally founded in 1916 to sell and repair typewriters.

As technology evolved, so did the offerings of MTI Office Systems (as we were called back then). From being the first electronic calculator dealer in the United States to winning the 1996 “Best New Product” award at the New York City International Hotel/Motel Tradeshow for the Mobile Business Center, MTI continually navigated the ever-changing world of office technology.

In 1998, under the suggestion and guidance of local professors, the Nomad Multimedia Presentation Station was born. By 2009, the name of the company had officially changed to Nomad Technologies, Inc. and we had expanded our marketplace to include higher education, courts, government/military training and several other industries in need of presentation technology.

To this day, Nomad is recognized as a trusted company that offers a wide range of quality AV presentation systems.

Brad White
CEO & President

“Nomad’s approach to audio visual implementation revolves around two words: simplicity & reliability. From design and installation to user operation and support, our goal is to provide you with AV presentation solutions you can trust, while giving your end-users peace of mind.”