Presenters can rotate the entire AV system up to 270 degrees to face their intended audience

Problems with shifting your presenters orientation between more than one audience

Because many AV solutions are large and stationary, shifting the presenter’s focus from one audience to another can be a challenge. IT staff is often tasked with finding a solution. Most attempts to resolve this issue have their own challenges. The most common solutions include:

  • Bringing in second lectern so the presenter has a place to stand while addressing the audience (equipment is still behind presenter)
  • Leaving the orientation of the equipment as is, causing the presenter to turn their back to the audience or the equipment
  • Moving the furniture, which consumes time and puts the valuable AV equipment at risk of being damaged
  • Restricting use of the room because there is too much risk and time involved

Pivot 180 option for the Nomad LT AV Lectern

With the pivot 180 option, users can reorient themselves and the equipment to properly address their target audience. With the touch of a button, the entire system can be rotated so the presenter can maintain authority and engagement by keeping eye contact with their intended audience.

The video below is part of our online training program for customers who currently have this option. This video describes and demonstrates how to operate the pivot 180 option for the Nomad LT so you can see it in action!

  • Allows presenters to properly address the target audience
  • Pivots up to 270 degrees
  • Easy to operate, simply press the button on the control panel, rotate the AV lectern left or right and release the button to lock the position in place
  • Presenters maintain access to all of the presentation technology
  • Provides stress-free cable management during rotation
  • Operates smoothly, quietly and requires little effort
  • Custom settings are available upon request

Rotate the AV lectern in 3 simple steps

Don’t turn your back to the AV equipment or your audience, maintain faceforward presentation with the Pivot 180 option for the Nomad LT – Digital AV Lectern

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