October 2019
CTC 2019
Our Nomad personnel were in attendance at CTC 2019 in September. The New Orleans location proved to be a great spot for the biennial event, and we enjoyed seeing familiar and new faces.

We hosted customers and prospects for a Ragin' Cajun Social at Mulate's restaurant near the convention center. Thanks to all who were able to attend.
The keynote message at CTC by Richard Susskind brought forth the idea that courts are more than rooms, but rather they exist to provide a service that's an important part of society.

At Nomad, we work along the same lines, providing the necessary and important AV services (and products) you need. When the end-user of a Nomad system is able to deliver an impactful presentation of evidence, we successfully meet the needs of that user and provide a valuable service.

We look forward to working with you now, and in the future, to meet your audio visual needs.

- Brad White, President
Tips, Tricks & Reminders

Don't Forget to Update Built-In
PC Software

Due to the open-access nature of many Nomad Systems, IT teams generally prefer not to have the Nomad PCs on their networks.

If they do have internet access, they often reside on a public or guest network. This can lead to the need for updates for Nomad-integrated PCs being overlooked.

If a PC built into a Nomad system goes too long without software updates, it can affect the ability of users to present information.

Please note , updating your PC will not affect the operation of your Nomad System. There is no Nomad-specific software installed on the PC.

Consider this a friendly reminder to schedule regular software updates for your built-in PC, if it is not regularly on your IT network.
In our most recent blog post, we dive deeper into our list of 20 design factors. By taking a closer look at each factor, we examine why it's so critical to design AV right the first time.

Read our latest blog post for the details.
If you have further questions about a Nomad system, contact us Monday through Friday,
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.
Monthly Option Highlight

Smart Classrooms Made Easy

The Nomad N-Desk is an all-in-one audio visual system that centrally stores and seamlessly controls all of the technology that instructors need to present physical and digital visual aids in the classroom.

With a full array of video, audio and control hardware built into a compact desk, the N-Desk is the perfect centerpiece in any classroom technology solution. It is especially applicable to a classroom where the instructor is seated, along with the students, in a pod or lab situation. Additionally, the N-Desk is designed to be ADA compliant, with important ease-of-use features built in.

Engineered and programmed around the principle of standardization, the N-Desk is a user-friendly solution that has proven to perform reliably in classrooms. An extensive list of pre-tested, qualified options allows the N-Desk to be tailored to the specific needs of each classroom.

Contact your Nomad AV Systems salesperson to learn more about this unique product!
What’s New!

Online Training is being updated
An important part of your Nomad purchase is the access you have to customized, 24/7 online training. Nomad is excited to announce the addition of a new server to aid users viewing the online training.

The new server will feature a new domain name, with enhanced security. If you have current online training, you will soon get a new link to access your training module(s). If you need immediate access to training, please contact us to request a temporary link during the interim transition period to the new server.

This unique training allows users to view video content that is tailored to match the specific configuration of the Nomad AV presentation system(s) they will be using.
Along with operational instruction, Nomad's online training also includes important safety information and helpful tips to reduce down-time caused by user inexperience.

Nomad’s online training capability is available at no charge for all systems covered under an active warranty plan. Contact your Nomad AV sales representative to learn more.
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