A better approach to providing AV systems

A new approach to design and integration relieves organizations of the cost and complexity of maintaining custom AV solutions. We provide reliable, easy to use, all-in-one AV systems that are flexible enough to meet the needs of your application.

All-In-One Design​

Full array of presentation technology is consolidated into one compact, user-friendly piece of furniture​

Easy-to-Use Interface​

Realize a return on your investment as the technology is consistently utilized and user training and support requirements are minimized​

Robust Functionality​

You are put in the driver seat of the design process as you decide what functionality is important to your end users​

Reliable Performance​

Lower cost of ownership as technical support requirements are reduced and maintenance fees are minimized​

Our Approach vs. traditional methods of AV integration

The right balance of standardization and customization.

Nomad AV Systems has pioneered a unique approach to audio visual integration that fulfills a need that has existed for as long as AV technology has demanded an industry of its own. Before Nomad’s approach, there were really only 3 ways that organizations implemented audio visual solutions.

While each of these methods has its own specific strengths and weaknesses, they all share a glaring problem. Custom solutions are unpredictable. Unfortunately, organizations were frequently left with these three options due to the special requirements of their projects and the growing complexity of AV technology.

Nomad AV Systems offers a fourth method of audio visual implementation. By balancing standardization and customization, we offer organizations AV solutions that meet their unique needs while providing the predictability of an off-the-shelf product.

Wait, you can actually show me what my system will look like?

Yup, here is one of our most popular configurations of the Nomad LT.

At Nomad, we produce All-In-One AV solutions that combine audio, video and control technologies in one centralized piece of furniture. Users are able to utilize and control a full array of multimedia equipment from one convenient location.

How We Do It

One of the biggest problems associated with a fully customized audio visual solution is uncertainty. Any time multiple electronic components are combined in a solution, there is the risk of incompatibility.

By consistently designing our AV systems around a list of technology that we have qualified based on strict requirements for quality and compatibility, we can assure that our system designs will result in predictable solutions. Our systems give you the reliability and ease of use that custom solutions lack.

Rather than “re-creating the wheel” for every project, we start each system design with a standard configuration of components that provides the functionality most commonly required in AV presentation systems. These configurations are then customized by adding, removing or substituting options from our list of compatible components. This list of options is continually evolving as we test and qualify new technologies to meet the needs of our customers and stay on the cutting edge of industry trends.

Who Is Nomad?

We are presentation technology experts who specialize in designing and producing all-in-one AV presentation solutions that can stand alone or easily integrate with other related systems.

While most AV integrators look to combine many types of solutions in one complex project, it is easy to lose sight of the end-user experience. By focusing our expertise on presentation technology, we are able to consistently give end-users what they crave: a solution that is simple to operate and performs reliably.

From control system programming to engineering the furniture, our concentration on presentation solutions allows us to iron out the details.