June 2018
Meet Daphne!
The Newest (and likely the Cutest) Member of the Nomad Family

I’ve enjoyed my new puppy. Her training continues to teach me new ways to do things and adapt as we bring out the best of her abilities. That same kind of adaptability applies to us as a technology company.

Technology is always changing. We have to evolve with it and constantly look ahead. My predecessors and I have had to have vision, be nimble and anticipate the market needs. It’s how Nomad AV Systems has survived for 102 years.

-Brad White, President
Tips, Tricks & Reminders

Playing Audio
From a Headphone Jack

To play audio from the headphone jack of a smart phone or MP3 player, use the 1/8” audio cable attached to the provided VGA cable.

With the 1/8” audio cable connected to the phone or MP3 player, select the VGA input as the active source.

The confidence monitor will be blank, but the audio source will be played through the Nomad’s Bose sound system.
Monthly Option Highlight

 Wireless HDMI
Cost-Saving, Convenient & No Clutter

Why upgrade to wireless HDMI transmission? Simple, it allows the video output from the Nomad System to be sent wirelessly to display devices, eliminating the need for costly cable runs.

Furthermore, some of our customers are located in historical buildings where it is not possible to run cable. Wireless HDMI transmission provides a great option to integrate current technology into the historical architecture.

Nomad's wireless HDMI option can be combined with wireless RS232 transmission to support wireless control of remote monitors from the Nomad System.
Behind the Scenes at Nomad

All e xclusively designed and built, on site.

Kyle, System Integrator, not a fan of candids.

Grant, System Builder, deep in concentration.
What’s New!

 Power Outlets with USB Ports
Continuously Designing with Details in Mind

For your convenience, all
Nomad power outlets are now equipped with two USB charging ports for your iPhone, iPad,
iPad Mini, Android, tablets, and much more, without the need
of power adapters. 
In our blog, learn about the ups and downs of Build it Yourself AV design. If you find that Build it Yourself is not for you, stay tuned for future blogs to learn how Nomad can do it for you!
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