October 2018

AV Integration
It's a way of life!
Sometimes it's hard not to take your work home with you, whether it's constantly in your thoughts or spilling over into your personal life. In the case
of Nomad's Marketing Director, Tim Kranzler, he's used the AV expertise he's gained at work and brought that home to
create the perfect space for watching sports.

Tim has recently installed a multi-screen media room in his home, featuring four LED TVs, spanning nearly 17 feet of video grandeur. There's no doubt that his home has become the most popular sports-viewing spot in the neighborhood.
Nomad employees are passionate about what they do and providing exceptional quality AV systems for our customers. Our passion for providing quality audio visual presentation solutions drives the way we do business.  We are motivated to provide exactly what our customers want, and backing that with proven, compatible AV systems that work. Guaranteed.

-Brad White, President
Monthly Option Highlight

Why is it important?

Anyone who's given a presentation knows that the ability to mark up an image is a great way to highlight a portion of a visual aid.
Annotation is a video function where a person can draw over an electronic image using a touchscreen display. Drawing options include lines, circles, arrows or highlighting of text. The opportunity to add annotation can help to bring attention to a specific area of a presented image, whether it is
in a courtroom setting or classroom lecture hall.

Adding the annotation option when purchasing your Nomad system provides a beneficial way for users to interact with an image. Annotation can be used with every video source that is spec'd with a Nomad AV system.
Tips, Tricks & Reminders

Collaborative Annotation
How to tell who's who

The annotation option on a Nomad allows multiple monitors to highlight, or annotate, information over the same image at the same time. This is done simply by using a finger or stylus on the touch screen monitor.
The annotation function on a Nomad offers a different color for each monitor to mark up a display so it's easy to tell which person made the markings.

If you have further questions about annotation on a Nomad system, contact us Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to
5 p.m. CST.
What’s New!

Workshop Addition Spurs Productivity
Cantek MX340M Edgebander
Due to increased demand and sales of our products, Nomad has recently purchased an additional edgebander. The
new machine will greatly increase production and efficiency when doing straight edging and finishing on Nomad furniture.

By building our own furniture, Nomad is able to design and build furniture that is functional, very durable and creates a minimal footprint. Great effort is made to minimize the footprint while balancing against other important design factors – such as appearance, ergonomics, functionality, and convenience.
Did you know that there are a variety of options for courtroom blanking? You can be the judge of which set up is best. Read this month's blog to learn more!
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