May 2021
What's New!
Presenting the Nomad CZ
It's all about location, location, location!
Nomad is pleased to announce the addition of a credenza model to the lineup of AV presentation solutions.

Nomad's new CZ offers all the functionality of the Nomad LT. The CZ is an exceptional presentation solution for a small courtroom, hearing, training or conference room with limited space. Designed to be placed next to any wall, partition, or courtroom bench, the CZ saves valuable real estate.

The new CZ has plenty of countertop workspace for papers and BYOD devices. There is a convenient internal storage area with an outlet for charging devices, such as assistive listening headphones.
Tips, Tricks & Reminders

Online Training
A powerful 24/7 resource

One of the many benefits of having a Nomad is the online training feature that comes included with every standard system and related options.

To help presenters utilize your Nomad, encourage them to review all the online training. This will remind them how to use all the features of your Nomad system. To see a sample of Nomad training, click here.
Let's talk. Contact your Nomad salesperson if you need more information on where to find your training links or if you have questions about online training.
 Springing Ahead

As some of you may know, Nomad Technologies had a warehouse fire in February 2020. Due to fire, water, and smoke damage to the entire Nomad headquarters, we were forced to move our operations.

Now, one year later, we are back in our original location. The offices and warehouse have been renovated with new sheetrock, paint, and carpet. It is a great feeling to be back in our familiar surroundings.

This fresh start back at our original office brings with it a new chapter in our Nomad history. We are able to continue the legacy of this 105-year-old company. Thanks for coming along with us as we spring ahead into the future!

-Brad White, President

Monthly Option Highlight

Wireless Control Touch Panel
Nomad systems can come with a wireless touchscreen control panel, that allows the user to change functions from up to 250 feet away. It's perfect for corporate, government, or classroom applications.

The thin, tablet-style design is easy to hold and moves effortlessly between portable use and the stationary tabletop holder. Its large-capacity rechargeable battery affords several hours or days of operation between charges.

Contact your Nomad AV Systems salesperson to learn more about this option.

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