July 2020
Put Nomad-LT's Online Training to Work

Think back to when you first purchased your Nomad-LT AV System. We think you would agree, one of the most useful features included with your purchase is the access to Nomad's Online Training System.


Online training can be a huge benefit for you to use right now. Here are some reasons why:

- Online training is available 24/7 for you and your users to view. It's the perfect way to help users brush up on how to use a Nomad and get ready for trial.

- It's an ideal way to train a new Nomad user and social distance, minimizing face-to-face interaction during the pandemic.

- It's skimmable -- users can view only the parts they want to review. No need to take the time to watch explanations for features that users already know how to use.

- You've already "paid for it" as it's included in your ongoing warranty. No extra fees for training. If your warranty has expired, we can help.

Now is a great time to renew your warranty and gain a valuable tool for your users. Contact your Nomad Sales Representative today to learn more about warranty renewal.

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