July 2018

Good Luck Nick!
Best wishes to Nomad employee Nick Steeves as he heads off to China to pursue his professional and personal goals! Nick has been with Nomad for the past four-and-a-half years as a valued, creative member of our marketing support team. His talents, hard work and healthy green smoothies will definitely be missed around the office.
Former Nomad employee, Nick Steeves, photographed recently in Chengdu, China.
With any change comes an opportunity to grow and prosper. Likewise, we look forward to growing our business partnerships and creating AV solutions that our customers continue to value and count on.

-Brad White, President
Tips, Tricks & Reminders

BYOD Back-Up
A helpful stand-in option

When giving a presentation using your own device, whether it's a laptop, iPad or cell phone, you can interface with the Nomad system using the provided HDMI cable in the pullout work surface or by using AppleTV or wePresent. (Be sure to pre-test these connections before using for optimal performance.)

But, as we all know, technology can sometimes act up and not function properly. If neither of the above options are interfacing with your device, a fall-back option is to use the document camera. Set it up and select it on the control touch panel. Place the device on the doc cam platform. This is a sure-fire way to project your device’s image on the big screen regardless of interface problems.
Time for an Update?
Consider a Trade-In

Is it time to update your current AV system? Do you have an old Nomad system that you no longer use? Contact us to see if we can recycle any of the components and you could receive a discount on a new system.
Monthly Option Highlight

 Dual Monitors Offer Privacy

Nomad offers systems with dual confidence monitors. The left monitor shows the active source as it is seen by the audience on the big screen. The right monitor is private and always displays the desktop of the Built-In PC. When the Built-In PC is selected as the active source, the left monitor and big screen show the extended desktop of the PC.

The Built-In PC can be used while other sources are being presented, and upcoming visual aids can be prepared in private. To show an image or application that has been queued up on the right, private monitor, simply select the Built-In PC at the control panel and drag the application window to the left monitor.
What’s New!

Laser Engraver
Custom engraving available

Nomad has recently purchased a laser engraving machine that can create custom plaques for customers with their business logo or official seal. 

A laser-engraved seal looks great on a Nomad!

Examples of laser-engraved logos and seals.
In our blog, learn about the ups and downs of Design/Build AV design. If you find that Design/Build is not for you, stay tuned for future blogs to learn how Nomad can do it for you!
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