January 2019
eCourts 2018
Moving into the New Year
Looking back to the 2018 eCourts conference, it was a great event to see so many familiar faces, meet so many new folks, and demonstrate Nomad's evidence presentation systems.
Nomad's all-in-one electronic evidence presentation system is notable for several reasons. Foremost, we use compatible products that are standardized and reliable, resulting in a system that you can depend on day in and day out.

Additionally, the system is intuitive and easy to use. Our 24/7 online training ensures that users can review how to use a system as often as they'd like. Training is detailed to the specific features that are requested on each customized system and gives presenters the tools they need to be successful when running it. That is a big advantage to create efficiencies in a courtroom.

Let us know if you're interested to learn more. Our regional sales reps or myself would be happy to speak with you!

-Brad White, President
Tips, Tricks & Reminders

Document Camera
Eliminate Vertigo

Our VP of Technology, Don Lucas, has a great tip to pass along to presenters who use the document camera on a Nomad.

It is possible to freeze an image on the screen so the output display will not change while a new object is placed on the platform.

To do so, simply press the “Freeze” button on the Control Touch Panel. The image that is now frozen on the screen will stay until the “Freeze” button is pressed again.
This helps to alleviate possible vertigo or unsteadiness for the viewers, who will see the change of images flashing on the viewing screen. It also helps the presenter not to feel rushed when getting the next item onto the document camera platform.

If you'd like to learn more about this feature, click here to check out the online training on our site or log into the online training that was provided for your specific system. As always, feel free to contact Nomad Tech Support if you need more information.
Monthly Option Highlight

 Grab a Mic and Speak Out

An important part of choosing options for a Nomad AV System is selecting the microphone that's right for your setting and presenters. Whatever the requirements you have for a mic on your Nomad system, we can meet those needs.
Nomad offers many types of microphones. The most common is a gooseneck mic (shown at right). We also offer wireless options that include lavalier (clip on), handheld, or headset microphones.

As for being heard when speaking on the microphone, Nomad systems can send the mic audio to the internal speakers built into the system and/or to external speakers located elsewhere in the room.

What’s New!

2019 Pricing
Good News!
Do you recall when there was a uproar a few weeks ago over Netflix raising its prices? Many people commented it's easy to believe that once the price of a product goes up, it generally never comes back down.

The good news is that Nomad pricing has been calculated for the 2019 calendar year and, we are happy to share, that our pricing has dropped compared to 2018 pricing on many options that are available for Nomad AV Systems.

This may be the year to purchase a new Nomad and take advantage of the new pricing!
If you have further questions about a Nomad system, contact us Monday through Friday,
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.
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