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A bit of history…

Over a decade ago, Nomad had a vision to develop an online video training experience that allows users to learn what a Nomad system can do and see step-by-step, narrated video instructions on how to operate a Nomad system. The big challenge in this endeavor is managing the billions or trillions of video combinations needed to support a product with multiple models and options. In Nomad’s case, there are more than 7 billion combinations of how a Nomad system can be configured that will impact the videos produced. How could any company afford to create configuration specific instructional videos to overcome the exponentially high number of videos needed to support all users?

The classic example of a common product purchased with many variables (options) is a new car or truck. When a new vehicle is purchased, the window sticker provided by the manufacturer confirms the make, model, and included options for that specific vehicle. Despite the manufacturer knowing everything about the vehicle that was just purchased, the new car/truck often comes with a long paper manual covering every model and option for that vehicle, with words such as “if equipped” spread throughout the manual.

To fulfill the vision of a configuration-specific, online video training experience, Nomad developed an online video user manual/training platform initially called AccuCourse. After more than ten years in service, the AccuCourse platform needed to be refreshed around current IT hardware and software platforms for on-going support into the future. The new, refreshed platform has a new name as well, Viduals®. Viduals is a melded word created from VIDeo user manUALS. Nomad is the only audio-visual company in the world utilizing this unique capability to support its customers.

Viduals makes it possible for companies (such as Nomad) to easily create a table of contents to support a customer’s specific configuration. Viduals promotes breaking instructional content into smallest logical topics (SLTs), which are bite-sized videos that typically run 30 – 60 seconds in length. The software helps organize, order, and filter all available videos to output the applicable SLT videos to a table of contents (as shown below) that match the special configuration being explained. Clicking on desired content in the Viduals online table of contents will call up a video that explains the topic and/or provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions.

Nomad’s deployment of Viduals allows Nomad users to learn what their specific Nomad AV System can do and see step-by-step instructions before ever setting foot in the room. Presenters can focus on their presentations and use the technology to its full potential. IT support requirements for new users are dramatically reduced by providing convenient, always-available training on effective, safe operation. Providing video content encourages users to confidently explore new features and functions, as well as allows users to take greater advantage of the technology investment.

Nomad’s online training capability is available at no charge for all systems covered under an active warranty plan.

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