Nomad TT

Digital AV Table Top Podium

Squeezing every bit of AV technology into a small space can be challenging. Nomad has taken on that challenge and succeeded by designing the Nomad TT!

The Nomad TT is a compact way to bring the very best in audio visual technology to attorney’s tables in small courtrooms. The TT provides the ability for attorneys to present evidence easily and, when needed, it can interface with a wide array of personal BYOD items.

The viewing monitor of the TT conveniently offers users the ability to see what is being displayed on the courtroom monitors. As an added feature, a touch screen viewing monitor can be spec’d on a TT to offer annotation capability.

Pair the TT with the Nomad RK Rack to expand the available presentation options. By incorporating additional AV equipment, such as a document camera, audio routing or extra components, the TT becomes a more powerful and useful tool for presenting.

Quick and Easy Installation

A self-contained, compact TT AV system can be easily installed into a conference room, lecture hall or courtroom at a convenient location for the presenters.

Ease of Use

The Nomad TT was designed to easily interface with a user's BYOD devices. From smart phones, tablets and laptops, it's easy to share content.

Furniture Features

This proprietary Nomad TT was specifically engineered to integrate the select hardware used in Nomad AV Systems and is not sold separately.

Standard Configuration

The standard configuration of the Nomad TT includes all of the interactive and supporting  technology. Options can be added, removed or substituted to customize The TT to meet your specific needs.

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